Sunday, October 19, 2014

First SNOW & more friends and progress

Balcony/walkway around Fungeon /Wine Room under construction 2 weeks ago

and Viola, finis this weekend. Another great photo op place in corner of walkway. 
 This chair was in Andy's house when he was growing up. His parents gave it to us when we got married and we gave it to our best man when we tired of it, who gave it back to us last year when he was moving. It's reupholstered and castle-ish and back where it was meant to be.
These are the glass panels we made in March with my parents, sister, and our friends the Johnson's and now they are the balcony walkway panels. It is gorgeous in the morning with the sun coming up and signing through while you sit in the compfy red chairs enjoying your coffee.
 You might not really be able to tell in this stair picture, but these stairs are now cleaned and sealed, which  is very exciting to me as I won't get the dust storm I usually get when I clean them.

 Ms. Maria finished the bathroom curtains. Here are the curtains on the slide rods, ready to be installled.
 Here is Andy and Mark Johnson, yes, the one of the Johnson family who helped with glass panels,   hanging the rod and curtain in the king's room. Mark got a boo-boo, but said, "it's just a small flesh wound".
                                   and Voila, the bathrooms now have a curtain and privacy!
 remember those blue insulation windows in the kings room, they are now gone and we have real windows and a beautiful view!
                                                   Here's a better view of all three windows.
                                                  Hardware is on the back of the front door.
              A view of the outside of castle with almost every window in, just one more to go.
 Maria came to help with the installation of the bathroom curtains and headed up playing HEADBANZ with ms. sam johnson.
 Melinda Johnson is recooperating and taking it easy, so she work hard on the castle puzzle we started on Labor day.
      and here's where we are now with the 1000 piece puzzle at the end of two weekends.
 Andy and Maria are deep in discussion about how to hang a piece of art work on this wall.
 Our friends the Lundborg's came up with their girls, Lily and Ingrid. They are both adorable and very smart. They couldn't get enough of the fruit, so we just put it on the floor and let them at it.
 Momma Pam was making her famous one egg cheesy omelet and she's right, they are very tasty.
 Maria had a good nights sleep and was putting together a sewing bag for us in case of emergency sewing needs.
 Poppa Lundborg, Lieutenant to some in the SPD, was rocking with his coffee and the mocha, salty caramel creamer, he's not too manly to enjoy a nicely flavored coffee
                                                  and the adorable Lundborg family.
 I re organized the plates and glass cabinet. Trying to make kitchen user friendly for when we have guests there when we are not.
 Andy and I cleaned  the great Hall stairs in preparation for sealing them the following day. He told me he would be spraying down the stairs with the hose and I would just have to stand at bottom with shop vac. He didn't tell me that when he sprayed the stairs that the water would shoot everywhere and especially, down the stairs onto me. I was drenched and might I say the water was quite cold, this would have been a very funny video.
 The great room.The big painting hanging over the balcony is one done by our friend Phil. It is a small section of the Sistine chapel and it is the one that will hang at end of balcony stairs that Maria and Andy were discussing earlier.
                     Andy made a fake fireplace to see how it will look like as far as spacing.
 Hilary was up from Nashville at a wedding in LP with Jessica, my young girlies from my Merry Go Round days. We are still FB friends and we connected and they made it to the castle for a visit, YEAH! Great seeing them and showing them around.
                                    Can't tell from this pic, but it was snowing this morning

 Andy sealing the stairs. yes, he is in his Adirondack plaid pj's and yes, this sealer stinks and I had to get out of there after 20 mins.
             A great weekend at the castle. Work is getting less and fun and relaxation is getting more.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alot play on Labor Day

So we decided in honor of Labor Day Weekend, so not Labor so much. Surprising I know, but everyone needs to take a break every now and then. 
We were going to move the VERY heavy lions into the great room where they will be the post to the great room firplace, but Thomas, the caretaker, and Marc and Brian, THE MEN, decided they would get them in before we got there and I thought that was the best gift ever. So, here the lions sit, waiting for the fireplace to be built. I bet they'll appreciate being inside this winter! 

Andy went up a day before the kids and I got there and he was able to remove the form work from last week and exposed the nicely bricked arch from the upper Fungeon to the lower Fungeon.

 Yvonne, my breast friend from Albany, visited with her family and exchange student, Cheechee from China, who is with them this whole school year. Here, Andy is teaching them how to shoot the bow and arrow.
                        "Just another day at a castle shooting bows and arrows" said Chee Chee.
 We lost an arrow and finally found it........ no, not in the tree, that was Grandpa Ramsgard's trick, we found it in the brush, but Grandpa was right, this is a funny gag!
 So, we did no work on Saturday. Slept in, had a big breakfast, visited, walked the property, and headed to Lake Placid to be tourist. Here we are at the ski jumps about to take the elevator to the top of the 90 meter jump. Now CheeChee can say she was at the summer olympics in Beijing and Winter Olympic sites in Lake Placid.
                                   and here are the girls, Ruby, Josie, and Cheechee. They all took turns being first.
 We thought this would be a fun picture for Cheechee's parents back in China with her US parents here!
                                    Andy had to have a jumping in the air pic all by himself.
                                                             Ruby had to outdo Andy
                                                                  It's a long way down

                                            you can see the bobsled run from the ski jumps!
                                                        and you can see the olympic arena
                                                             and Whiteface mountain
              and ALL NEW, the FIRST and ONLY tube ride down an olympic ski jump hill. The tuber is the little black dot on the blue mattiflex.
 Yup, Andy & I did it. Helmuts and safety gloves. Tubes are weighted down. Doesn't look scary watching it, but................. it is damn scary doing it.
                                                                 Andy, the Olympic tuber
 My second time down I decided to video it on my camera. The teenager at the top of the hill pushing me off said I had to hold on to tube with 2 hands and I said OK and immediately lifted one hand to camera after she was out of reach, I don't follow directions well
 After a fun day in LP, we had a great dinner at Red Fox in Saranac Lake and then headed home for Smores
                                                              a few were quite crispy.
 The Hulberts left the next morning and Andy put us back to work. I weed wacked the hill, it looks fabulous!
                              this is the iron fixture that is going to hold the light on the turret
                                                              right here where wood piece is
                                    Andy was spraying more black spray paint on stuff
                             Andy had put in a rope on spiral stairs for a railing awhile back
 He bought these brackets and put them in to hold rope off the wall and make it more user friendly for visitors

So, we got a few things done and we had some fun, I hope we keep that balance up! 
Happy Labor Day Weekend, a week late, and Happy Fall, the leaves are turning already at the castle.