Monday, May 25, 2015

Having Fun with Castle Details

The Chapel is complete. 
Who would have thought Andy finding the antique church window and all that entailed as far as getting it to us and then up to castle would turn into this beautiful little structure.
 Well I guess Andy must have known, but I didn't comprehend how great this would turn out.
Brian did a great job on construction.
                                                             and a storage area too!
                        This is the Dragon pit. The poles on ground will be erected upright eventually.
 so this idea was born out of the concrete block and this cool "collar" that has become the dragon collar. The dragon has escaped, so beware!
                                                           castley detail for post top
 Patti came to visit as she always does when I am home. cause that is what childhood best friends do.
 Andy had this railing made, thank you Alan Patrick, for the Fungeon. He was all set to install it, but apparently he had the wrong size drill bit, so its the lead progect for next weekend.
                        this contraption will be installed on front door and will be the lock.
 Kelly, a dear friend of Maria's came all the way from Brooklyn to Puzzle with us and to experience a real Adirondack castle!
                   Andy was sparking, as he worked to cut down the railings to fit into the rock.
 Andy asked Clark to help post digging, but it appears it is really an old quarry and it is pure rock. Clark tried, but he's not getting through that with this.
              Dave was cutting trees and landscaping a bit and he went through a few chains.
                            the chapel doubles as a relaxing "above the ground" man cave!
     Clark and Marc upon their exit from the castle. Thank you boys for all your hard work!
                                            Andy was helping Dave pile all the wood he cut!

                                                      A man, his chainsaw, a vision......
                                      One of my favorite views and now with new viewage.
 and another of my favorite views, the walk to the pond. I still remember the time we were surveying and marking the area for the pond and I just couldn't picture it, well I can now!
                                             the lower pond was so peaceful and reflective.
     walked back from pond around the back of castle for this cool pic of chalice and castle.
                 Clark and Marc wear the metal well. Clark even fixed the one he was wearing.
            oh, did I ever mention Maria is a Queen and her friend Kelly is a princess?????        
                                                    they travel with alot of accessories.
                                           they sew and create many of their costumes
 and then when they put it all together, they look like this. and there's lots more of this to come.
                there was alot of roof top fun. Ruby and Carrie eating at the Roof Top BBQ
                          Maria and Kelly, back to their human selves, cooked smores on rooftop.
                                    and this is where we were at when we left the puzzle.
                                                         Happy Memorial Day to All

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year from our Castle to Yours!

Upon Andy & Rex's Arrival. No snow and new timber frame.

The Timber Frame came from Colorado Timberframe Company. Andy is working on a job with them in Colorado and decided we needed some Colorado timber with our Adirondack timber.

Our Neighbor, Carol, a friend of hers visiting from the west coast and Juliana visited for a few days at the beginning of the week. Ruby and I were back home working, me at office and her at gym. Here the guys are working on Oven and glass back splash.

 The gang went into Lake Placid and visited some Olympic venues. Here Rex and Juliana are skating on Olympic oval in front of my High School. They also went down the bobsled run!

With Tosh as my co-pilot, I came up on Tuesday with Ruby and Samantha, who was visiting from NYC!
 When we arrived Tuesday evening, Marc Staves was already there. He works and lives in Tupper and contacted us about taking some night photos from the roof top. He also started the Observatory in Tupper, check him out on facebook.
 Marc let Ruby apprentie with him and here she is showing Andy some of the pics she got.

 The knight is finally up and put together. Rex got this armour for xmas 3 years ago and it has been sitting in box waiting to go on the mannequin I bought him. The shield was designed and made by Andy for Rex for another Xmas gift.
                                                  He is now guarding the great room stairs
 These guys are helping guard the stairs too. Just some things we've picked up along the way, here and there.
Rex and Andy set up scaffolding in Great Room onto the stairs to place a wooden bar up that would hold up a canvas piece Andy had commissioned from Phil Parsons, Ms. Bev's talented brother.      
As the boys worked hard, I was entertaining our second round of guest. Carol and Juliana left as they had other NYE plans and Suzie Falardeau, her children and a friend, and Cathy came for the night. I got them working on the puzzle pretty quick.
                                                          Here Cathy and the kids relax in the Great room before heading back to Bville. and I prepare for round three of guests!

                                          Here's the Bville gang before they headed out!
                                                                           the kids
                                                                        The Girls

The Bville Gang in the newly Erect Chapel and in front of Castle.
Some new details. This is the entrance at ground level

Each room now has a shield on door with each piece of chess set to denote the rooms. ie. King, Queen, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook. Andy made the shields with his 3 D printer at office and painted them to get distressed pewter look. how cool is that.
Projector and screen are up and working in Fungeon. Rex was watching Game of Thrones, session Three

Tosh was keeping him company. Gotta get some comfy old furniture for down there.
 Thought this was cool looking down into Fungeon from ground floor landing.

 Andy and Rex then started the very dirty spackle project in the kitchen walk through.

 This is all the walk through stuff just piled on the kitchen island. Yes, I did tell you I had more guest coming that evening and I was stressed abit at the mess of this all, but I talked myself down and was fine.

Kristi, my dear friend and Samantha's Mom, drove up from NYC to spend NYE with us. Most of our best NYE have been with these girls, and Buddy, their dog, too.

  Ruby and Samantha are obsessed with this new game and kept asking us alot of the questions they didn't know, it was pretty fun.
                         Tosh was so hyper with Buddy there and followed him everywhere
 New Years Eve. Maria and Dave came up too from Skaneateles to spend it with us. Maria found an old trumpet to blow, she does it all that woman.
                                  I couldn;t find any party noise makers, so we used pots and pans!

Aw,an usie with me, Kristi, and Samantha
                      and right back to work on the puzzle. First work on it in the New Year.

and the boys and Maria got right back to work in the kitchen spackling. 

They worked crazy hard on this and got it finished. Andy says there will be a light coat of gray paint on it.

The boys got really messy. Rex ran to shower to get cleaned up. Maria didn't get one drop on her clothes. Next set of guests arrived. Lucy, my college room mate, her Husband, who I introduced her to, and their kids, Trent, Bianca, and Olivia

I didn't get out of my PJ's NY day! 

   Before taking down the tree decorations, Lucy wanted a picture of us, again, pj's!

Trent carried the tree out like it was a twig.

So strong and he got it right around corner and out of there.

 Olivia got first head banged award of 2015, she ran into hanging metal thinging Andy put up so people wouldn't hit their head on Arch in Fungeon. OUCH!

 Boys waiting for girls to bring over canvas painting to put up on hanging rod.

 Lucy, Kristi, and Maria are actually behind the canvas carrying it to the boys.
A video of it, sorry it is sideways and dark.

 and it is up!
Dave is proud of his accomplishment

 Andy sitting and working on "punch list" for Brian and Marc, for upcoming weeks.

Everyone worked really hard on puzzle and we finished it before we left! 3 months, part time when there, 10 missing pieces. 

 Everyone left Friday, but here is the Wilson family, Ohlin girls, maria and Dave and Andy on the roof!

Happy New Years. It was great having a full castle all week long and I just finished all the sheets.