Monday, July 21, 2014

Working on smaller details now

 I know this stair one kinda looks like last post, but now it is completely done and has the crowns on it. Also, the landing to the King and Queens bedroom is done. There are two doors nicely hidden along that wall.

A view from end of landing, near Queen's room's shower looking back at stairs and window landing. So cool.
                                          and a view of the dining table from the window landing.
 The Ole Grandpa, as he calls himself, otherwise known as Andy's Dad, Bill, came up for his yearly visit and we convinced him to stay. Here he is reading his kindle by the window. It must have been comfy cause I saw his eyes shut for awhile.
 Rex finished up a week at Sabattis Boy Scout Camp and came for the weekend. Here he is putting together a do it yourself catapult model.
                                                                             Samantha, Ruby's bestie from NYC, came up for a visit, she hadn't been there since we were working on the roof in 2011. She loved it, but doesn't do pictures.
                                                                and Ruby doesn't either! Teenagers
 The Glowacki Ying & Yang Window went in. It is between the second and third floors in spiral staircase, it really lightens up the stairs. Three windows in Fungeon are in and also brighten that space up
 Maria, master seamstress came to finish the bed curtains. She sat herself up in her room, overlooking the tress and sewed and sewed.

 I wanted a different angle of Maria with light shining on her, cause she looked so angel like sitting there. She is our Angel

Andy put up these iron puzzles he likes to do and the picture to left is to strap up bad kids!

We've been collecting Ram Head's (Ramsgard) at Marshall's for years. Here Andy is spraying them the concrete spray paint to start putting them up throughout the castle.

the Chest pieces we bought at ABC in NYC needed a castle make over and by that, you all know what I mean by now, Black Paint!  
and the three side tables I found this week also got the castle makeover with black paint.

 Rex, The Ole Grandpa, and Andy. Three generations of Ramsgard men in one big bed! 
Ruby's room with bed curtains drawn. All the bed curtains are in! Maria is now starting on the bathroom Door's which are going to be curtains.

may the Ram's head be with you! 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stairway to Heaven

We have the stairway from the great room to the 3rd floor landing in and it is AWESOME! Brian and Mark will be working on the railings now, safety first, but it is so cool to have this feature done.
Andy hung this piece in the great Hall stair case. 

  Andy has been working on alot of light fixtures at home and we were hanging them this weekend and seeing where they looked best.
 Most of the fixtures are antiques or brand new from lowes and painted black and rubbed with silver. You'll have to try and figure out which is old and which is new.
                                      Either way, new or old, they are very cool and very castley!

 I was lucky enough to get the assignment of cleaning the storeroom. I didn't take a picture before, but Andy said he couldn't find anything. Well, you can now, Mr. Ramsgard. So clean
                         Andy in the entry bathroom placing the hardware where he wants it for Brain and Mark
the hardware. The loopy thing is for a hand towel and the lock is for the bathroom door.
                        the speak easy on the front of door, as previously seen on bedroom doors.
                                                                   Toshie, the guard dog.
 Sipping my coffee this morning in great hall and admiring the new stairs and all the other details.
 as I continued to sip my  offee, my king was putting mirros into mirror frames he had Matteo paint black. Got 2 of these mirrors at swift shop for $25. He's a good shopper, that king of mine.
                      Light fixture from lowe's painted balck and rubbed silver, without fixtures.

and with the lights. they look like candles.
Tosh guards from many places.

  As the guys were woring in great room building stairs, they moved all furniture out of great room, into the library. This is what I saw as I came up second floor in library.
                                             Turret bathroom is coming along.

                        Andy put in hardware for rest of beds, so Maria could come and hang rst of bed curtains.

bench and shelf before I painted

 and after
Somehow, i cut myself and I was surprised by color of blood.and how one cuts self painting??? Guess I am that talented.

                                  Andy hung some wall hangings. This one is in Queen's room
                                                  Andy relaxing and figuring what this room needs.
                                                                   Ruby's room got a new bench
the range hood is in. Andy put it out in driveway at home and then create what we will have as backsplash from out Xanderblue glass block.

Busy weekend with my 30th High School Class Reunion, but we still got alot done at castle. It is coming along and it is so fun being able to stay there, finally.