Thursday, September 3, 2015

So this great group of woman are my BREAST friends, yes, you read that right. We were brought together 7 years ago by breast cancer via introductions on social media, all connected by Yvonne(the beauty in white). We spanned New York State geographically, but in those sleepless nights of surgeries, recovery, chemo and radiation,  these ladies were always there and knew exactly what I was feeling and what to say. We are Breast friends, but there is not a real breast between us! What there is however is alot of life and appreciation for it.
We try every year to get together and this year we invaded Leary Castle.  I was too busy being the hostess, and drinking, to take pictures, but Danielle, the lovely lady on right, took a bunch of us and the castle. Thought it would be fun to see the castle through a newbies eyes, so click on this link and enjoy and thanks to Dani for the very creative perspective.

The parapet Wall  for the roof is almost completed off sight and will be delivered and installed in 2 weeks, here's a section

and who's coming to the Fundraiser?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

June/July 2015 Update

This is how the castle will look when the 20 foot tower gets done, Andy did alittle photoshopping. Plan on tower being delivered in 2 months. It is being built right now in Auburn, NY, and when completed, it will be shipped to Tupper and lifted on to the top of the castle. That will make for a good video.

 Our Dear friend Maria, the seamstress of these beautiful bed curtains and who you have also seen plenty of times hard at work at castle in previous posts, is also a queen! Yes, I have competition, but it really isn't even close, cause she is Da Bomb! SHe played Queen Elizabeth @ the Sterling Renaissance Festival for 20 yrs.
                      Here is Queen Elizabeth now, with the Spanish Princess, for a little photo shoot we did.
 These two dears are currently working on creating/directing a  special Renaissance Weekend we will be hosting next year. We'll keep you informed of the details.
                                                             Knock, Knock, Who's there?
                                                    It is I, the Spanish Princess, me Lady
                                             Ohhh, and now the Pirate Wench is visiting too
                                        You Never know who you will find in the stairwell.
 So, Andy has been going to the castle the past two weekends and getting the last of the interior details designed and worked out with Brian and this week we were up too for my parents's 50th wedding anniversary & here's where we are at.
                          The Fireplace is underway and the Lions are in their new home.
 This is a special clock Mr. Bush restored for us and offered as a gift in return for many a stay at the castle this past summer while he was working @ the boy scout camp.
 A big, renovated old chair found its way to the King's room where the windows to the balcony's are all done.
                                                 The view as you relax on the Queen's bed.
                                        This shield found its place on the back on this chair.
                                  Andy taking advantage of the window seat and the light breeze
                                                     The Fungeon with the new gate
                                                   Lots of chains and games in the Fungeon.
                                 Swords, crossbows, bows and arrows are waiting to be used
                                                 What will soon be the Pool Table room
                                                        Entrance to Great Hall stairway
                         The shield Andy designed for Rex a few Christmas's ago and  Sir Edward
                                    So many Ram's heads, what will Andy do with these????
                                    The stairs to Great Hall are lined with lots of interesting finds
                                                                      The Lion King
                                                   The Screening room in the Fungeon
                                                   Here's the Balcony's off the King's room
                                             Yes, you can stand on them and greet the peasants
                                  Looking back at castle from the walk to the lower pond.
                                                        Wet Dog chasing bone into pond
                                                             He's a fierce one!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Having Fun with Castle Details

The Chapel is complete. 
Who would have thought Andy finding the antique church window and all that entailed as far as getting it to us and then up to castle would turn into this beautiful little structure.
 Well I guess Andy must have known, but I didn't comprehend how great this would turn out.
Brian did a great job on construction.
                                                             and a storage area too!
                        This is the Dragon pit. The poles on ground will be erected upright eventually.
 so this idea was born out of the concrete block and this cool "collar" that has become the dragon collar. The dragon has escaped, so beware!
                                                           castley detail for post top
 Patti came to visit as she always does when I am home. cause that is what childhood best friends do.
 Andy had this railing made, thank you Alan Patrick, for the Fungeon. He was all set to install it, but apparently he had the wrong size drill bit, so its the lead progect for next weekend.
                        this contraption will be installed on front door and will be the lock.
 Kelly, a dear friend of Maria's came all the way from Brooklyn to Puzzle with us and to experience a real Adirondack castle!
                   Andy was sparking, as he worked to cut down the railings to fit into the rock.
 Andy asked Clark to help post digging, but it appears it is really an old quarry and it is pure rock. Clark tried, but he's not getting through that with this.
              Dave was cutting trees and landscaping a bit and he went through a few chains.
                            the chapel doubles as a relaxing "above the ground" man cave!
     Clark and Marc upon their exit from the castle. Thank you boys for all your hard work!
                                            Andy was helping Dave pile all the wood he cut!

                                                      A man, his chainsaw, a vision......
                                      One of my favorite views and now with new viewage.
 and another of my favorite views, the walk to the pond. I still remember the time we were surveying and marking the area for the pond and I just couldn't picture it, well I can now!
                                             the lower pond was so peaceful and reflective.
     walked back from pond around the back of castle for this cool pic of chalice and castle.
                 Clark and Marc wear the metal well. Clark even fixed the one he was wearing.
            oh, did I ever mention Maria is a Queen and her friend Kelly is a princess?????        
                                                    they travel with alot of accessories.
                                           they sew and create many of their costumes
 and then when they put it all together, they look like this. and there's lots more of this to come.
                there was alot of roof top fun. Ruby and Carrie eating at the Roof Top BBQ
                          Maria and Kelly, back to their human selves, cooked smores on rooftop.
                                    and this is where we were at when we left the puzzle.
                                                         Happy Memorial Day to All